LotusIMC has fully divested NTP shares held by Lotus-Mekong River Equity Fund (04-09-2013)

From 16th August until 27th August, 2013, LotusIMC has fully sold 855,100 shares held by Lotus-Mekong River Fund at an average price of VND 62,965 per share. The transactions were made with foreign investors and one Vietnamese investor via put-through method.

In the past, LotusIMC purchased NTP shares through matched-order method. The sale of NTP shares through put-through transactions had almost no impact to NTP market prices.

In recent months and in the near future, LotusIMC is selling securities held by Lotus-Mekong River Equity Fund and sending money back to the fund’s investor. A large portion of the remaining stocks is also expected to be sold via put-through transactions and thus impact to stock price movement in Vietnam, if any, would be negligible.