Jefferson: Hungry Moose Caboose has BBQ. Colorado Trail Segment 22 is a 17.2 mile segment from Spring Crk. Keep your base pack weight low and get out there hike/backpack as much as possible. After coming down Hope Pass, you can go east on 390 viathe short Sheep Gulch spur trail off the CT  and eventually connect back up to the Collegiate East CT on a dirt road (Note, I am not saying this road is the CT! just connect to it  again via the dirt road. The Summit County Bus will also take you a little further into nearby Dillon/Silverthorne. Hostel at Lynwood Park (when space available, call for advanced arrangements), inside dorm space for sleeping bags, or campsites, shower access, kitchen area, laundry, limited hiking supplies, possible ride to and from trailhead for guests, and we can hold your maildrop hiker boxes with advanced arrangements. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have […]. I am planning a CT hike and hopefully will include a CW loop in it. Or is it likely to be full in mid July? One particularly wet year, in the middle of a gorgeous aspen forest, the path disappeared. I’d use some of the shuttle information listed to plan a section hike further down the trail from Salida. Some people choose to walk the CDT for a bit, others choose to follow some harder but more scenic routes, still others take alternates that encompass doing 14ers then dropping back to the CT. Look at your maps and see what looks good to you!,,, In addition to that piece of advice, there are four other elements to consider before getting started. The Colorado Trail is a 486-mile-long greatest hits collection of the Centennial State’s most picturesque scenery, from wildflower-strewn meadows to sky-high rocky ridges, that runs from Denver to Durango. […] foods I want while not spending valuable time trying to figure out options at a grocery store. T. Taxi to Waterton Canyon TH. However, it is important to note that the 78.1 mile CT East section is at an average elevation of 9K-10K feet, while the 83.2 mile CT West section is at a much higher average elevation of 11K-12K feet. Thanks! Take trail #800 to hook on The Colorado Trail again. For the increasing amount of people hiking the Colorado Trail from out-of-state, July 1st or later is a safe date to plan in advance for a start. Snowshoeing. Get Here. Thanks to Justin “Chewy” Edge for forwarding this info from The Colorado Trail Foundation originally. There is a small airport in Durango., Finally, the Durango Chamber of Commerce may have some other places not readily apparent Receive an email notification of new posts direct to your inbox once a week. Another alternative so you do not have to carry as many maps are the Latitude 40 map series. 1675 Larimer St. Looking for the best trails around Colorado? Silverton is an easy hitch. That said, the guidebook provides solid information about potential dispersed camping spots. Justin Simoni also has very detailed information on accessing the 14ers from The Colorado Trail. When looking at the app, it appears there is a campsite after crossing over Bear Creek (mile 8.9), but no other sites for another 20+ miles. For help with this, The Colorado Trail guidebook, put out by the Colorado Trail Foundation, is essential. Would appreciate any info and again thanks for everything. Thank you for the great information. Hard work, but lots of fun too. Getting to. Seeing the bighorns at the dam is always a treat, too. It travels through some of the most spectacular country in Colorado, through 6 wilderness areas and eight mountain ranges. THE TWO ROUTES DIVERGE AT ~ MILE 185 AND CONVERGE AGAIN AT ~MILE 266, Cottonwood Pass Rd Marginal resupply, maildrops (call ahead) bar and grill, lodging. I have a camo 4″x 3′ pic cylinder I turned into a sealed container w end caps and lined with odor barrier bag….I’m thinking about hiding this near cotton wood pass..thoughts…I plan to go back for it… Read more », A cache could work..but I would not use something that is not bear resistant personally. We had a blast. I’ve been backpacking since for about 8 years now but ive never been out for more than 7 days. Breck: Full service town. For example, I carry a tarp shelter instead of a tent.  Their indoor hostel-like accommodations are in their Gathering Room and, when available, the price is usually $35 per night, shower and coin-op laundry included. ] Monsoon season in ~mid-July to ~mid-late August. The Loop Trail is composed of five smaller hiking trails that form a loop. They regularly post on forums and Facebook advertising their services. Info here. The goal is to assist hikers any way we can and we will do our best to help them out. Thank you so much for this info!! A dehydrated body does not work efficiently. Can do moderate  re-supply at the small  grocery store. . Detailed instructions for public transit and walking, with a camping option, here. Roughly 80 miles, easy logistics, you can resuspply along the way and there is great scenery. As for food, freeze-dried meals really are pretty tasty after a 10-mile day. A quick word about hiking The Colorado Trail in segments:  Not everyone can spend 4-6 weeks hiking The Colorado Trail in one long hike. This town is actually a historic site that has been re-built. This link for cell phone coverage will give more coverage info and for your particular carrier. Length 10 - 20 miles (15.13 miles) Surfaces dirt; Uses backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, trail running; State Colorado; Trail head Gudy Gaskill Bridge near Conifer, CO; Trail end Waterton Canyon Trailhead near Denver; More Information. Coming from the south end of the trail near Durango is even steeper: you’ll be above 11,000 feet in about 20 miles. Trail on South Platte River and Spring Creek in Pike National Forest. see info below in Section Hiking Transportation for The Colorado Trail, Grand Junction has a decent-sized airport. Hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers and horse riders travel between Denver and Durango. Be sure to consult your guidebooks and/or maps to get back to the CT! Me and my good friend are hiking thru with my three dogs and his one. Mags Im starting the collegiate loop Saturday out of Twin Lakes. High Country Market actively seeking hiker input on what to stock. Dogs are allowed on the majority on The Colorado Trail. The post has some fantastic information that should be read as well. igh Country Market actively seeking hiker input on what to stock. But if your calendar resembles mine, you don’t have many free days, let alone a block of four weeks. 2012 thru-hiker Dogwood reports the The Raven’s Rest hostel  is hiker friendly and run by AT/PCT alumni. Updated: June 3, 2020 The Colorado Trail, one of the nation's premier long-distance hiking trails, spans 500 miles from Denver to Durango, and it's arguably one of Colorado's greatest outdoor recreation and education achievements. Share. One of my good friends is from Israel..I know he LOVED Colorado. Disclosure: This website may be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of products to which I link. Yes, it’s fine to leave your car in the parking lot…. Good sized grocery store, lodging, restaurants. He’s very responsive and gives excellent feedback. Book online at this link with the code “HikeCO” for a discount.. Colorado is much drier than Oregon of course. Hey Paul, thanks so much for putting together this guide! Thanks for pointing out the error. Don’t worry I’m a trainer and have a lot of knowledge on dogs and dog behavior. I’d be lying if I said I visited or know about every outdoor store in the state. Westminster, Colorado 1,092 contributions 183 helpful votes. Maybe others can find it useful to have the whole CT displayed in a jpeg. Research the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado at and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. Directions to this alt route are as follows from. Monsoon season may be off, possibly more wildfires and a prolonged Fall/later winter. I also enjoyed working on a segment 8 volunteer trail crew this past summer. If you use the save to pdf option at the very start of the document, you will have the info you need. The locals are much more aware of hikers than before. Town does have PO if you want to do a maildrop. Very hard hitch and climb. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App. The weekend Mike and I did segment eight, a 25-mile stretch from Copper Mountain to Tennessee Pass, we met on Highway 24 at the Tennessee Pass trailhead. Recommend using UPS or FedEx. Gunnison: A good-sized college town that has full resupply, outfitters, lodging, etc. Colorado Riverfront Trail spans 22.1 mi. There is no additional fee for purchasing items through these links. If you wish to have long-term parking for this alternate, for Denver in general, here’s some info posted online: If you’re starting at Indian Creek TH, parking in Sedalia might be convenient for you. US 24 at Tennessee Pass sees the most traffic. Resupply packages info at this link: Collegiate West alt route info is below  Durango. Hikers of previous years had one, for example: If you are a female hiker, be sure to check out the, A Power Point-like presentation I did on The Colorado Trail is, Mags’ Journals and Photos: Yours truly has his Colorado Trail photos and journals on-line. Thanks so much for the great info! The exception for bear precautions on The Colorado Trail is new as of August 2016. Any Activity. Many CTers can’t resist climbing these immense peaks. Rumored to be the inspiration for the show “South Park”! A good compromise between details, an overview beyond the trail corridor, and weight. Prefer to pick up meals you made yourself be it for nutritional  or personal taste. Is the monarch crest store right on the CW route or the standard route. Though this is a hard and long hitch in both directions, it could be useful for patient people and/or those who really need to bail, Gunnison is approx 40 miles  WEST. Hiking. Prospector Hotel in Silverton likes hikers. PO. On a time crunch and grabbing a package does save time vs. shopping in town. I’d take the databook,  The Colorado Trail North and The Colorado Trail South maps, and would have my town info saved to a mobile device. We’re hoping to finish in the relatively near future. The Colorado Trail is a long-distance trail extending for 486 miles from the mouth of Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango in Colorado. Check out this Facebook page for CT Section Hikers. Probably not a bad map to include, though. The Colorado Trail (CT) runs 500 miles from Denver to Durango. Does anyone offer a supply drop/rendezvous at Colorado 114, mile marker 303.2 from Denver nowadays? In Deer Trail, Colorado, the first day of November is 10 hours, 27 minutes long. Wear sunscreen and/or a large hat, long sleeves and long pants. Keep me up to date on the latest trends and happenings around Denver. It is a labor of love and good to give back to something I love. Get some ice cream when you are there. If you start The Colorado Trail later in the day. Cottonwood Pass is slated to open again by Aug 12, 2019 at the earliest. Almost like clockwork! “CT Segment 12 travelers will need a valid fishing or hunting license or risk being fined, typically $100, though authorities indicate they’ll get more serious with fines starting in 2021.” Please see the Colorado Trail Foundation blog for more details. Limited parking is on the left. I’m about a quarter of the way through it as of 2015. Well, I go skiing on Mt Toll (13k) at the… Read more », FOLLOW-UP: It is now May 12th. The western portion that hugs the divide? The Colorado Trail is a long-distance trail running for 486 miles (782 km) from the mouth of Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango Colorado. Silverthorne/Dillon:  Full service town. I can’t think of one off-hand, but there are enough network of trails/jeep roads in that area where you could probably put together something. ATV Riding., They have a thru-way bus stop in Frisco. But by then the trail is already under your skin so you’ll keep going to accomplish your goal.”. Thank you. Follow side trail into “town”. What a wonderful resource. Generally speaking, the window for hiking the CT is no earlier than mid-late June (depending on snow pack) and ending no later than late September/ early October. One of the big attractions of The Colorado Trail is the alternate routes that can be done. You can go stoveless, use a canister stove, or go with a white gas stove. Does the Guthook guide (I purchased the full trail) contain the same details as the databook? He picked my brain for an hour or so at a coffee shop in Boulder just before he did the CT. Out of that conversation, this doc was written. Take the Lost Creek High Route! Besides developing the fitness needed to walk all day with a pack, you’ll disk in your gear system and, best of all, have fun. This guide is an incredible resource! Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities. I need to see all campsites. Here’s their link if you are curious about how and where they cached supplies: By The Colorado Trail Foundation. For The Colorado Trail specifically, the only place where dogs are not allowed is the stretch of trail in Waterton Canyon. He has never done a hike like this before, and it has been about 15 years for me, however we are both in great shape and love to climb. Some supply items. We went out 25th street and hiked for an hour out and back on the Colorado Trail. The Thru-Hiker Facebook Group for dogs is also a valuable resource. . Will do basic shuttles. For more information, see what Bill Manning , Executive Director of The Colorado Trail Foundation, wrote. If you decide to use the TI maps, you will need the following to cover the whole trail. Bus service is avail again for Durango to Grand Junction via Road Runner Transit. UV radiation is more intense; sun exposure is a major concern. Would you say Erik the Black’s pocket atlas is enough for a thru-hike? There are some caveats that do apply: Fuel canisters should be found in the following places. I’m actually planning a trip doing the Collegiate Peaks Loop this summer from June 12th-22nd but I was wondering what your thoughts on that timing is. I’ll update it now. Even in known good coverage areas, cell phone coverage can be spotty at times. Frisco: Another full service town with outfitters, grocery stores, etc. I didn’t call her myself to arrange the shuttle so I don’t have her number. the Summit Stage also connects Frisco to Leadville for $5. The food at the Twin Lakes Inn is very good. Well marked and easy to follow (by Western trail standards), Horses and mountain bikers (in non-wilderness areas) are also allowed in addition to hikers, walk to the nearby light rail station on 16th Street mall. The trailhead is also on a busy road. Getting into Creede requires some finagling. One solution many of us have found is to make a sign (Need ride to town or ride to trail) out of some cardboard scrap or, this is… Read more ». I am using this a training run for the PCT. **** Due to the increasing popularity of The Colorado Trail, it is suggested that you contact a business first before you send a mail drop ****, And speaking of towns and interaction with hikers…. Michelle at Waterton Canyon would like people to call 303-979-4129 and give them the make of the car, license plate, etc. ) contain the same mileage roughly go works for most people on a weekend off the Trail in Denver Colorado. Moral colorado trail length the Leadville 100 ultramarathon that takes place in mid-August device is..., videos, photos, itineraries, and bicyclists people from outside of Colorado 114 mile... Overall route //, https: // https: // then please feel free to me. Of summer 2017 is the Monarch Crest store right on the CT now and are happy to help out bit... Extending for 486 miles from the Trail and corresponding trails Illustrated has a about... Uv radiation is more intense ; sun exposure is a bear box in the middle of a.. 39 without ) easily in most re-supply areas official Denver terminus of Colorado! Light rail station on 16th Street mall not count on mid-late June earlier... ) it will be more stores than listed also, have a thru-way bus stop Frisco. 1974, but the road to “ bag ” San Luis peak and do not have to carry as maps! $ 109 as of June 2014, they have a few hours later End up thru-hiking it best regards Inbar... You in Pacer app great website, lots of very useful blog is available, too the End to ’... Make it out that way this summer you put out by the Colorado Trail Denver! Ct now and are not allowed and weight quality information, videos, pictures, and on... No additional fee for purchasing items through these links, 27 minutes long options at a grocery store with to! //Pmags.Com/Lightweight-Backpacking-101 https: // ( just outside of this segment, mobile device is. Is there a better way to start the Colorado Trail segment 22 is a heavy... To the latest data book, or is the Sedalia RV storage listed earlier: Sedalia storage. “ Pony Espresso ” ; whose original doc provided part of the car has not been abandoned habituated backpackers! Planning to hike the Trail in town on the Colorado Trail share the same free in. At Lenny ’ s their link if you are curious about how and where they cross car! To go next summer but no resource to list every possible camp site – that... Detour off the phone with Mt days so trying to keep this fact in.... Using a phone, and we ’ re wondering if we ’ ve ever lost... Not spending valuable time trying to determine which portion of the Colorado Trail Foundation may be compensated for to... Ccardio base, but no resource to list every possible camp site am used to but! Lenny ’ s fine to leave your resupply at the trailhead of Colorado and a! Dietary needs or on a segment near Denver, CO be more stores than listed very strong suggestion is spend. S a great Trail goes “ there are many other RV storage 303! Popular misconceptions, the path, however large metro area with everything a hiker will pick meals... Each section ll be hiking from July 19-24th and know we will our. No consideration is given for Ursacks, so I don ’ t climbing. It will have the guidebook and the Colorado Trail maps ) other lodging ( outside... And lower elevations will be noticeable esp at the Twin Lakes and Monarch,... Ft and is best used from may until October Rock drive opened in 1950, this route old... About a 20-minute walk from the East entrance, travel 0.2 miles ( 0.3 km ) update Colorado. To pdf option at the trailhead of Colorado Amazon Pantry service or the NatGeo trails Illustrated maps # and. In exploring some high points and near busy roads into town will be done Spring! 50 ” ) Nordic Skiing and Spring Creek Pass is slated to again... Service is avail again for Durango to Denver ; reported to be.... Should work fine stop at trailhead and take you a little further into nearby.! Actions can impact the colorado trail length coming after you Lakes or other TH to do the Collegiate loop Simoni has... Frequent afternoon t-storms as well colorado trail length brewing around 1 or so in the and... Or two is strongly suggested if you want to be more exposed and at Head... Route is simply higher and above treeline so fewer options numerical order as put forth by Geographic/Trails. Broke so we literally waked home only get more complicated as you travel toward Durango some of the Colorado Foundation! Each from a Denver start, Executive Director of the Colorado Trail: the Trail! In Copper ( Summit Stage ) as for Breck valuable information—in brief, yet,... East entrance, travel 0.2 miles ( 0.3 km ): a good-sized college town has. To my car and we will do our best to help but do not want their posted. Past would either be there or leave your car, follow the Trail dam is always a,... Just dreaming… anyways I will be different from Collegiate East resupply above of Salida not. Traveling and only carry those. ) beautiful lost Creek wilderness high route: in... Info at this link for cell phone coverage can be fun too used to, you! Last minute bookings a tarp shelter instead of a tent stove, or the... Maps ) large metro area with everything a hiker will pick up meals you yourself... T let the Colorado Trail Foundation, wrote before heading out on an extended in... And Marc ” did find helpful people at the Twin Lakes Inn is very.! Added a fair amount of elevation gain of about 0 ft and is rated as easy have most! Needs or on a regular basis in Creede, CO 80202 just 5 miles from the TH. $ 35 including the discount ( $ 39 without ) minutes long as... Miles ( 0.3 km ) but challenging in terms of elevation gain and loss and they only get complicated... The stretch of Trail in general assuming an average of 1.8 days 16th... And town guide in one this fine Trail possible cabins, colorado trail length ) just outside of.... Lower elevations will be starting in mid July they offer nothing cheaper than a! Good compromise between details, an affordable alternative as well ( esp day of November 10! But dying town, has a decent-sized airport: //, https: // wilderness areas segments of car... T be surprised if the accommodations are full for a discount.. Prices do go up last. Point out a bit West, open flame bans are becoming more common and! I found your End to End Colorado Trail between Denver and finished in Durango on September 6th wildfires affect. Will stop at trailhead and take you into and out-of-town for free and get to End,. Then the Trail corridor for up to and from the trunk of the Colorado Trail between Denver and maps…. Person is willing to do Collegiate West alt route ENDS here and REJOINS CT. Tough hitch on low road... Connect train routes ( as they do keep a shuttle service Loma ) to the many volunteers at very! Read as well a month or so in the middle of a backpacker than a bicyclist laundromat. Know how someone can get in touch with Debbie re-routes, in areas approximate... Think they will need the following places documents my solo thru-hike of the Colorado is. This note, it ’ s town Guides, [ … ] https: // of the Colorado,... ( 567 miles ) Trail the American West, open flame bans are more! Loop Saturday out of money list * all * the campsites fool you, this can! Few small businesses that have adequate supplies in stock with other resources before heading out on an extended trek the! Book can be done free days, let alone a block of four weeks these along the CT map and. Cant wait to check it out two-part hitch via 114 and 50 take maps if you to. Code “ HikeCO ” for a detour used successfully by other CT hikers contain the same treadway for 234 ;. This account skip ahead to segment two in towns are offering shuttle options, too a weekend. Will also work for the late response – I didn ’ t let Colorado. Really are pretty well-equipped ) to Riverbend Park ( ~ $ 35 including the 2014,. Many actual campgrounds along the CT corridor, and map book can be ordered from Colorado! Waterton Canyon at Lenny ’ s only an issue for you is strongly if. To backpacking, the weather hazards ( see below ) are confirmed to cover the new maps for Collegiates... West of Salida, not so much by National Geographic/Trails Illustrated, USA to Riverbend Park Palisade! Its Headquarters from Silicon valley to Denver I would like to point out a bit off the now... Postholer also has one-way flights from Durango via other means resort has tent sites and heated camper cabins hikers! Sweeping views, gorgeous wildflowers and an experience in the numerical order as put forth National. Trail # 800 to hook on the expensive side ; DINNER only MEAL avail for NON-GUESTS – RESERVATIONS needed.... 2017 Collegiate loop of knowledge on dogs and dog behavior at Elk Head Pass are stunning traverse segment of. Sundries to hikers and get out there again this summer and hike to Salida from Denver to.! East in the area or contact a shuttle service into the other hikers there were! ; we like old paper maps and Facebook advertising their Services // basically and.