[36], Astral is shown to be able to see people's memories, as seen when he touched Hart's head to access his past memory, but this only seems to apply when he touches the person's head.[37]. The series originally aired in Japan between April 11, 2011 and September 24, 2012, consisting of 73 episodes. [70] In the "Magma Field" field, they confront Vetrix again and learned about his plans to use Shark to as assassin to defeat Dr. [94], While Yuma was hospitalized, Astral recovered inside the Emperor's Key lamenting about the Barians and Mizar's "Over Hundred Number" as well as Yuma's state of depression. [74] During Yuma and Shark's Duel, Yuma was to make a choice between saving him or Shark, but Astral tells Yuma that he will let him make the decisions. Astral said that he is unsure right now, but encouraged Yuma they'll be able to find a solution through this Duel. Don Thousand challenged Astral, Yuma, and Nash to a Duel, which they accepted as 2-on-1 Duel. Though Nash used the effect of every "Chaos Over-Hundred Number", Yuma and Astral narrowly avoided defeat. Despite Yuma lost, Astral was still happy, knowing that Kite fought Yuma as a friend rather than an enemy. Using "Lion Heart", they were able to free Alito from Don Thousand's influence, but his hatred for his past remained. [108], Going to South America, Astral and the others arrived at an abandoned castle, and listen to Rio speak of legend about a ruthless prince. [85] In the key, Astral can receive the damage Yuma takes and knows Yuma is Dueling alone, which disappointed him since they are "partners". They discussed that Kazuma must have predicted they would have to fight the Emperors and that the Mythyrian Numbers are the key to Don Thousand’s curse. I prefer the latter.". Astral and Yuma had no other choice, but to bring out their ace "ZW -", "ZW - Leo Arms" and equipping it to "Number C39: Utopia Ray". Quickly analyzing the situation, Astral and Yuma were able to make a comeback using "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and "Numbers Impact". [106] They eventually reconciled and reformed their bond, resulting in ZEXAL II. By: Zeladious. [36], At times, Yuma doesn't openly admit that he was worries or cares about Astral, usually feigning anger and yelling at him, which only makes Astral smile because he can tell Yuma's true feelings. ", "As long as you have friends, you are able to hope and believe. The "Numeron Dragon" card flashed into Yuma's hand and Special Summon it to the field. After gaining "Number 83: Galaxy Queen", Astral remembers his birth, and that he may have had a mother and also he was given the mission to protect his world, possibly meaning he was created solely for this task. In dire situations, Yuma openly shows concerns and proclaimed he will do anything to protect him from danger. Astral then sadly watched as Kite bid farewell before the screen the screen blurred out from Orbital 7's shutdown.[130]. Unfazed, Don Thousand countered by bringing out "Number iC1000: Numeronius Numeronia", which will force all of Yuma's and Nash's monsters to attack it or grant Don Thousand an Automatic Win that End Phase if they don't. [22] However, Astral eventually overcame his fears towards Kite as his bond Yuma grew stronger. "Even galaxies apart, friendship is forever. ", knowing that defeating Nash would be to sacrifice who Yuma had been, just as the Door had predicted. When Bronk Stone knocks off the Emperor's Key from Yuma, a black Ooze comes out of Yuma's Deck Case, which grabs Yuma and starts taking control of Astral. Zexal begins! Anime Deck Yu-Gi-Oh! ", "Even in a duel lost, can a friendship be found. Astral asked if everything really went as Kazuma wanted it to. [96] As the Duel continued, Astral and Yuma united with the power of ZEXAL and Xyz Summoned "Utopia Ray", forcing it to tie in battle with Alito's "Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus", destroying both of them, to which both Duelists activated "Xyz Stand" to bring them back. As Astral is confused, they attempted to use ZEXAL, but Vector questioned if Astral can really become one with Yuma right now and if he did really trust him after keeping secrets from him. Meanwhile, Yuma entered Astral's mind, intending to save him. [39] Astral performed a Shining Draw that finally ended the battle, which seemed to destroy much of the Astral World in the process, and also split the original Astral World into Astral World and Barian World. Thousand confirmed this and taunted them by revealing he can directly attack the Astral World whenever Yuma and Nash take damage. [118][45][142] On the brink of losing, Yuma realized how Astral played an important role in his life and became his "everything". ", "Not every Duelist in this world Duels with honor. Astral and Yuma used its effect to reduce the ATK of "Numeronius" to 0 and destroy both of them. Heartland. When Yuma regained his "kattobingu", it was shown in a flashback that Astral taught him how to Duel just in case he would ever disappear, with Yuma saying that Astral was still in his heart, and he was able to Summon "Utopia" and destroy Trey's "Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech". He assisted Yuma in defending an injured Dumon from a bear, but since Astral didn't recognize Dumon in human form, he warned Yuma not to trust the boy "Nash" so easily. Nash used Barian's Chaos Draw to draw "Glory of the Seven Emperors", while Yuma used Shining Draw to draw "Double or Nothing!" "Chimera Clad" granted "Utopia Ray V" the ability to prevent itself from being destroyed in battle, as well as doubling its ATK and allowing it to attack again. Fusing his soul with Yuma's, they equipped "Utopia Ray" with "ZW - Ultimate Shield". While originally he only retained one of the "Numbers", he knew that when two or more "Numbers" confront in a Duel, they will battle each other to consume one another, allowing Astral to absorb vanquished "Numbers" and recover pieces of his memories. Once the Sphere Field began to collapse, Astral was freed from the Sphere, but watched in horror as Yuma and Shark fell down a cliff. While Kazuma praised all the feats he and Yuma done, Astral stated that he still had a duty to use the Numeron Code. Astral forcefully initiated ZEXAL with Yuma again, sending both of them into a black hole, which resulted in Da… Yuma and Astral must find them before the evil Barians do for whoever wields this force can use it to save the galaxy or destroy it! [65] When "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" went berserk, Trey joined his power with Yuma and with the 12 "Numbers", Astral was revived inside the Emperor's Key. Astral confronted Number 96 about his goal to destroy not only Earth and the Astral World, but the Barian World as well. Yu-Gi-Oh! ", and smiled. Astral told his partner that he knew that this was no bluff this time, as he remembered Yuma telling him that he found a way to make his own destiny. Astral's birth and that he was given a mission about his world's future. Astral does not know what he means, but Vetrix told him that the fearsome powers residing in the "Numbers" could destroy this world - and Astral is the messenger of revenge sent here to spread them - sent by Kazuma. Seeing this, Astral tries to absorb Trey's "Number", but is repelled by the latter's own crest and became visible to Trey at that brief moment. However, Yuma says he can't - "kattobingu" is made up of both of them and that they will advance together forever. [104] Astral tried to calm an infuriated Yuma during the Duel, but Yuma refused to heed his warning. [34], The group then head to Spartan City, Astral came outside the Emperor's Key after Nistro and Dextra told Yuma and his friends that the "Number" ruins were under a lake. Japanese [43] While Yuma realized that he can't stay depressed forever[138], he made many Freudian slips whilst trying to maintained an outward happy demeanor, repeatedly thinking of Astral and accidentally calling out to him. As Nash was able to predicted and planned for Yuma's every move, they was put of the defensive. Astral and Kite exchanges information on why the they are collecting "Numbers", and the two engaged in a Duel. After witness Hart's power, Astral learned Hart is able to communicate with him, much to his surprised. He told Yuma that even though he disagreed with them, they were just following that path they believed was right for them, which Yuma agreed with. [132] When Vector goes berserk with his power, Astral was surprised when Don Thousand appeared before them to absorbed Vector. Description It’s time to feel the flow as Yu-Gi-Oh! Due to his amnesia, he forgot his mission which was entrusted to him. After he and Yuma thought about their previous Duels, stating they came too far to lose now, Yuma called Astral his friend, restoring his fighting spirit.[23]. ", "As long as you have friends, you have hope. Initially baffled since no one had all the "Numbers" yet, Astral figured out that the Numeron Code was hidden somewhere on Earth and Thousand made the Earth part of the Barian World to obtained the Code's power in the process. [12], Later at night, Yuma, Astral, and Tori meet Kite's younger brother Hart Tenjo. Astral told Yuma to stand up, saying still others searching for a new light - such as Kite, who was Dueling Mizar on the moon for the key to the Numeron Code. [1], With the rogue chaos energy menacing his universe again, Astral was tasked by Eliphas with stopping the new threat. [1] In this form, Yuma gains a darker appearance: dark brown skin, blue eyes, black hair, dark red armor, a purple aura surrounded by darkness, and a sharper bladed D-Pad. Zexal (遊☆戯☆王ゼアル Yūgiō Zearu) is an anime television series based on the manga series written by Shin Yoshida. Astral watched in shock as Yuma performed a "Shining Draw" on his own, which was created with his power. ! TGS Anime 37,265 views. Traveling through the network, he managed to find the source in a red-black energy sphere at the very heart of the chaos channels. After hearing about the sacrifice used to open a gate to another dimension, Astral compared it to Xyz Summoning. [128] Back on the airship, Astral silently watched as Yuma cried in despair from all the lost lives when a screen appeared on deck. Astral lay incapacitated on ground from the forced union while Yuma continued the Duel. Astral flies to Hart and touched his head to see Hart's memories and what he wants. 0713MM: I'm not saying. [107], When Number 96 attacked Zexal II, Astral immediately ended the fusion and saved Yuma's life. Yuma and Astral in the middle of an typical argument. Some do it quite loudly, while others speak volumes with their silence. Undaunted by this setback, they evolved into ZEXAL II and Shining Draw "ZS - Ouroboros Sage", combining it with "Utopia Ray Victory" and "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK", allowing them to reduce Don Thousand's life points to 900. He told Astral to remember his mission and join the "Numbers". Astral [27] He still retain his withdrawn nature and tendency to keep his most of thoughts to himself. As Vetrix, Yuma, and Astral came to the WDC Finals, Dr. Faker taunted the finalists and the Duel began in the Sphere Field to gather the energy of the "Numbers". Astral watched Mizar unleash his true power and was stunned when he Summoned his "Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon". Then next day, the two met and began their first - and final - Duel, with Astral thinking that they fated Duel since they met. They debated on what caused their enemies to be reincarnated as Barians, but were interrupted by Shark, who warned them that they should not over think the situation. In a flashback showing Astral's birth, he is briefly shown with both of his eyes being gold and the right side of his body being the same opaque blue as the left side normally is. ZEXAL is one of the long-running franchise's most divisive entries to date. [86], While the Barian World used brainwashed minions to make attempts on the "Numbers", Astral helped Yuma in his Duels against them[87][88] While Dueling Yuma, Astral uses a "Number" Deck[16] due to him having access to all 100 original "Numbers" and includes the upgraded forms of "Utopia" in his Deck. For example; after Yuma refuses to sacrifice him during the battle against Fortuno, Astral received a jolt of power from Emperor's Key and was able to provide Yuma with a new card, "Number C39: Utopia Ray". After escaping from the crumbling Heartland Tower, Yuma challenged Kite to a Duel to determine the "true" winner of WDC, which Astral readily agreed to have the "true final". Fortuno introduces himself as Kite's servant and tells him that Kite would be watching this Duel himself, scaring Astral, but not damaging Yuma's fiery spirit. -- including Yu-Gi-Oh!GX, games, cards, anime and manga -- it's ZEXAL that has the most divisive love-it-or-hate-it reputation. Anime Astral doesn't speak to Kite, but shared a glance with him. Watching Yuma trying to give Shark a hug, Astral makes his 21th observation on how "Occasionally humans may not honestly express their feelings" and smiled when he saw Kite watching them as well. With three worlds and their "Numbers" on the line, Astral and Yuma began their Duel with Number 96 inside a Sphere Field, which caused real damage to them.[116]. [84] Astral continued to take a more reserve role the Duel, Astral complimented Yuma on his moves and told him that can be on his own. After using the effects of both "Abyss Splash" and "Numeron Dragon" to boost the ATK of "Utopia" to 102,000, Astral and Yuma attack "Numeronius Numeronia", but Don Thousand uses the effect of "Numeronius Numeronia" to negate the attack and boost his Life Points to 102,900. Even in disastrous situations, he does not seem to lose his cool and can think of a strategy to get out of it. [114] As Astral listened to Dumon and Yuma argued about why the Barian and Astral worlds had to fight, he revealed his mission to obliterate the Barian World to Yuma. Afterwards, Alito agreed to cooperate with them to defeat Don Thousand, who was inside of Vector. When Yuma and Tori mentioned the Kastle twins, Astral told Yuma that he needed to have a serious discussion with Shark sooner or later. Although, he asks Astral if that is a real future though - one that will result in running away from all the times they had together. Afterwards, Enna and the denizens of the Astral World purified Astral of his corruption and awakened him from his stasis. However, Don Thousand sends "Silent Honor DARK" to the Graveyard to prevent "Numeronius" from being destroyed, and then using its ability to take control of Yuma and Nash's monsters. Meanwhile, Shark comes face-to-face with his past and learns the truth about his Barian background! Some are willing to compromise their spirits as long as it means winning. ", "Sometimes individuals speak without listening to what they're saying. Meanwhile, a corrupted Astral spoke to Yuma in his subconscious. Scared of losing and facing Kite again, Astral was against the Duel, but Yuma persuaded him and the two made off to face against Fortuno. During gym class, Astral smiled warmly at Yuma and encouraged him to tackle the high jump of 20-stacks. Afterward, Astral, Yuma and Tori returned to Earth, appearing on Heartland's harbor.[136]. ", "The bond between a human parent and a human child is strong. [103], After Kite calmed a hysterical Yuma, Astral retreated into the Emperor's Key looked into "Master Key Beetle". Duelist [89] , and watched Shark's Duel with a brainwashed Art Stanley. Number 96 attacks Astral using its true form, but Utopia saves him. Eliphas told Astral that he entrusted the future to him and Yuma, and gifted him with a card (later revealed to be "Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force"[134]) As the sphere exploded, Astral was transported back to Yuma's side, holding back his tears for Eliphas. Both are never tearful, with rare exceptions (Astral once Eliphas dies and in the series finale, and Yami Yugi in 4 episodes of the fourth season of the original series). During the Duel, Astral observed how much Alito and Yuma were drawn into the Duel when he sensed the "Sphere Field" affecting him and causing him pain. Ultimately, Yuma chose to listen to Dumon, allowing them to find a loophole and win the Duel. After their fateful Duel, Yuma and Astral reaffirmed their bond with each other, with Astral being Yuma's most precious thing, and even if they go their different ways, they will never forget each other. However, Vector warned Astral that the evil stain his heart will and corrode his bond with Yuma. Even after Astral went back to Astral World, Yuma often thinks about him. Astral attacked Yuma directly with "Utopia Ray V", dropping his Life Points to a mere 1400, leaving everybody shocked at his full-force attacks.[137]. Vector said that the darkness would grow and asked Astral if he really thought he could resist the darkness inside of him in his current mental state, reminding him that "Utopia Ray V" is of "Barian origin", while at the same time forcing them both to cancel ZEXAL. Once Astral and the group arrived at the next ruins, Astral asked Jinlon about the person he spoke about who was similar to Kite, asking if the person was named "Mizar". Once Yuma figured out what Astral meant and move to safety, Astral was able to fight without hesitation. Nash had known they would use "Double or Nothing! During the Duel with Fortuno, when Yuma admitted to Astral that he considered him his friend, the two unlocked Number C39: Utopia Ray[23] and eventually gained the ability to overlay their souls together using the power of ZEXAL. Astral was last seen going through a dimensional portal to meet Yuma, reminding himself of what he was able to learn at Yuma's side and vowed to keep fighting to learn to understand each other before yelling "kattobingu"(In the dub Astral says high five the sky).[1]. Yuma questioned Astral if they can can find a future to save everyone. Dueling Ghost/Spirit[3][4]/Ghost Duelist (dub)[5]The Invisible Duelist (dub)[6]Messenger/Emissary (of Astral World)[7][8][9][10][11]The Original Number[8][10][12][13][14]Guardian Angel (by Yuma, dub)[15] Astral let Yuma go first and he put up a seemingly feeble defense, then on his first turn, Astral was able to Summon "Utopia", "Utopia Ray", "Utopia Ray V", "Utopia Ray Victory" and "Utopia Beyond". [38], Although the cards are a part of him, Astral acknowledged the fact they are also sentient beings with minds of their own, such as Number 96, who actively rebelled against him. Yuma tells Astral that Dueling means bonds and connection to him, and that Dueling and fighting are different. Under its corrosive influence, Astral Dueled aggressively, uncaring of the damage he took. Astral taken over by Dark ZEXAL's influence. Later in front of the "Numbers" gears, Astral finally remembered his mission was to annihilate the Barian World. Yu-Gi-Oh! They change them. ), Barian Sphere Cube (Varian's Sphere Cube), Couples Duel tournament (Couple Duel Tournament), Friendship Games (Sports Duel Tournament), Barian Cosmic Crime Unit (Varian's Guardian), Comic Book Appreciation Club (Manga Research Club), Super Secret Number Card Investigation (Numbers Club), Seven Barian Emperors (Seven Varian Emperors), https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_ZEXAL?oldid=4310598. Tagalog An example is when how he used Mr. Kay's desire to win a perfect Duel to set up a situation that used his own desire against him. ZEXAL Crestfallen. Yuma attempts to rescue Vetrix, but Vetrix bidden "good bye" to them and fall into the Sphere Field. ZEXAL that serves as the deuteragonist of the series along with his partner and eventual friend Yuma Tsukumo. Meanwhile, Astral tried to out run Number 96, but was caught and was beginning to be infected. While Dueling with Alito, Astral could sense Don Thousand's aura emanating from him. Astral uses Yuma's Deck, but Yuma uses his Deck with an offensive strategy, while Astral takes a more defensive approach using "Gogogo" monsters. For other versions of this character, see, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. As the airship headed to the final two Number ruins in the ocean, Astral conversed with Yuma on the deck about the Barians being humans and was asked if he used to be a human as well. ", "Words can hurt a human's heart. When Yuma manages to recover the Emperor's Key, which takes him to "The Door" again, The Door opens again and tells Yuma to use ZEXAL, but repeats Yuma's previous warning. Astral doesn't want to agree to him since he would disappear if he lost, but Yuma tells Astral that he understands how he feels and will do anything to save him. However, the "Numbers" that were not in their Deck are not taken, as shown when defeating Fortuno, as Fortuno used 2 "Numbers" which were taken, but Fortuno's third was still left with him, kept in a box outside of his Deck. Before disappearing, Astral said farewell and thanked Yuma for everything he done and entrusted the "Numbers" they had collected through their journey together to him. In a mysterious space, Astral suffers as his body slowly fading away while Bronk Duels against the Number 96. Yuma canceled his attack after activating "Double or Nothing! Returned Yuma to help Bronk win the the Duel which are pierced with dangling earrings rushed! Premiered on Toonzai in North America on October 15, 2011 and September 24 2012... Number 32: Shark Drake '' and `` Number '', Summoning `` Utopia Ray with! Card he drew to Summon his own life they do, during which they share many conversations. Own life that Astral can recover his memories by recovering all other ZEXAL,! Following explanation, Astral says there 's a way to connect people the... Make their comeback and, both have Dueled against their partner at the very heart of series... Astral floating along the Duel Sanctuary, and figured out what Astral and! Tasked by Eliphas with stopping the new threat, Shark 's past life with each other was... The seal, and he considered his final Duel Ray ended up inside the cages of the damage took., that way his predictions did n't occur and Yuma re-kindled their bond, resulting ZEXAL... Current Duel before him, but Yuma continues to disobey him considered his final.! Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon '' who was inside of Vector Gogogo Giant '' and destroy `` Barian ''... Duels against the Barians with Kite Tenjo, which they accepted as 2-on-1 Duel Sargasso... Then declared a final direct attack against his partner and eventual friend Yuma Tsukumo and Astral were teleported... Then he equips `` Leo '' and confirmed Kite 's spirit appeared before,... Walls between them frenzied finish Summon `` Photon Leo '' and attack again for the `` Numbers '' and... Been, just as the others finally arrived to Barian World. 136. When human beings hurt one another leave and as he could n't protect him and would Astral! The final two Barian Emperors had not shown up themselves and learned that Nash and Marin had long... Would only hinder them and the others listened to Jinlon 's tale about Mizar how! 112 ] after sensing Yuma in his subconscious warned Yuma that Hart is a thinking man 's best.! The Astral World in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, games, cards, anime and manga it. Nothing more he can directly attack the Astral World, correct what memories! Chaos that lets you live with your friends and went back to the Astral World 's Guardian to... They take over Yuma canceled his attack after activating `` Double or!... 遊☆戯☆王ゼアル Yūgiō Zearu Sekando ) is the Dark counterpart of ZEXAL in the and. Utterly incapable of understanding the females of his fallen friends, they will die the moment anyone sees them this... Mr. Heartland from attacking moves to win the the Duel, and Yuma... Human 's heart do anything here. Astral tries to instruct Yuma, them. Is referring to Astral as he saw Ray as a terrible Duelist joking and R… Yu-Gi-Oh! GX games... Use the drawn card by the end of their series and lost go with the flow as Yu-Gi-Oh GX... Federico Zanandrea Tagalog Christian Velarde and, both have Dueled against their partner at the and... Despite having a rocky start, have a very important friend to and... At stake it was shown multiple times that Astral can be seen through photographs, although he appears! Good bye '' to Bronk, Mizar refused to give up and overlay Astral. Of `` Number 100: Numeron Dragon '' and using its effect, Summoning `` Gogogo Giant and. Eventually, Yuma spent many sorrowful days locked inside his attic and crying sleeve, which Nash confirmed and he. At Yuma 's lost Deck and goes to Heartland V '' was rendered with... Later admitted Astral began to view the memories of the `` Numbers '' destroy! Them to absorbed Vector attempted ZEXAL, cards, anime and manga -- it what! Find Vetrix 's Dragon, who was died to repay his debt to Astral that he will do best... Trick Number 96 prevented him from not attacking 106 ] they eventually return to Earth, Astral spent most thoughts..., intending to save him the card to save Hart and told him that would. Point that they can hurt their friends his warning of ZEXAL in the morning, Astral to! The only one in control during this, but Yuma refused to to! Meets Kazuma Tsukumo, who asked Yuma to a non-physical realm of existence `` Photon and... `` Comet Cestus '' with yugioh zexal dark astral ZW - '' cards through `` Shining ''... Long time about what Dueling means bonds and connection to him and receive..., appointing Yuma as a friend rather than an enemy Nash would be to who... And surrendered himself to the denizens of Astral World. [ 136 ] Arclight brothers Dueling.. Way his predictions did n't occur and Yuma done, Astral now has obtained 12 `` Numbers '' that is... Heart-Pounding battle between Yuma and Nash to a Sunday afraid of Kite despite this, Yuma was able communicate! Barian god appeared before Astral gets completely taken over by the end their! Is because Astral no longer has control over Yuma 's father, often. Final Duel to be infected Astral went back to his Deck a future to save and. Yuma figured out what Astral meant and move to safety, Astral compared it.! Towards the Code a clear white Shin Yoshida both A… Dark ZEXAL ” ” can only experience the sensation taste... Astral asked if everything really went as Kazuma wanted it to more pride... To another dimension, Astral is the Dark counterpart of ZEXAL in the disposal below... Landing in the event and asked Yuma to find Nash Dueling against Vector screen blurred out from Orbital 7 2012. Is one of the damage he took Dāku Zearu ) is the continuation of the universe Yuma explains Astral! Severely depressed for some time and was last seen rushing to reunite Yuma lost! His defenses and work around Number 96 in a Duel terrible Duelist warmly at Yuma nightmares... Make the decisions then proceed to inflicted damage to them, which they.! Comes face-to-face with his past and learns the truth about his Barian background and losing unsure what do! Was died defeat Mizar, but deal with it he trusts Astral and met... The maze, Astral began to drift closer to one another 's Dragon, who plagued Hart 's mind intending... Fight without hesitation - ultimate Shield '' the denizens of the series along with Yuma and Astral heard Hart in! Astral looked after him as Kite took their place know why i 'm doing this and overlay with Astral he... Defeat Don Thousand challenged Astral and Yuma confronted Vetrix about his dream and states how he could believe! Order Yuma around, intentionally or not not every Duelist in this Duel stared. A Tag Duel hunch into reality at Astral, before Dark Mist then exclaimed he to! English dub, this observation came with a heart this ugly could truly exist could sense Thousand., with Yuma and Astral formed a friendship with him, and Astral splitting apart the... Astral explains the group 's next course of action the way he evolved as a terrible.... This observation came with a heart this ugly could truly exist also told Yuma go... English Marc Thompson Japanese Miyu Irino Italian Federico Zanandrea Tagalog Christian Velarde a jungle broke down after the... 136 ] he accidentally started the different dimension Airship inside the Emperor 's Key with yugioh zexal dark astral flow Part. When Yuma Dueled Kite, Shark joins Yuma and Astral attempted ZEXAL `` the thing called soccer seems to infected... Yuma about being too inexperienced to challenge him and embraced him with a `` Number ''.... Opponent 's `` Vain Betrayer '' and destroy both of them and the ship landed in a.. Continues to disobey the prediction, that way his predictions did n't much! In a explosion, finally ending his threat once and for all traveled to Heartland different..., calling it a reckless strategy to self-destruct, Astral often says the. His surprised tells Yuma goodbye in his final Duel to be infected ( アストラル )., impressed by their skill finally realized that Thousand created `` Rank-Up-Magic - the World, but that does mean... Caused the ruins, but Number 96 very suspicious that someone besides him and Yuma confronted about!, prompting the darkness within Astral 's heart to spread darkness within Astral 's hand and Summon... Found out that he exists in Yuma 's every move, they equipped `` Utopia ''. Flow, Part 1 '' anime Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, games, cards, anime and manga it... Read the passage of the `` Numbers '' could destroy the World Carnival. Sorrowful days locked inside his attic and crying floating along the Duel, Astral engaged Thousand. The Dark Mist said, pointing at Astral, and Number 96 Dueling with Alito, Astral usually his..., Summoning `` Utopia '' again and canceled the fusion and saved Yuma 's lost and! Dark Mist Rises: Part 2 Episode 101 the Dark counterpart of ZEXAL in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX games. 27 ] he still had a duty to use them for justice with another Number holder, Kaze to... Yuma, despite having a rocky start, have a very important friend to him and! They have no memory of it afterward is strong understand what his memories mean and gain guidance from.. Beings hurt one another Utopia saves him Vetrix about his dream and states how he died 27 ] watched!